• Nearling coasters

    Think differently

    about mistakes

    A nearling is a positive word for something new

    that was done with the right intentions,

    which has not – yet – led to the right result.


    In short, the nearling is a better word for failure.


    The nearling is part of the 'Reducing Risk Aversion' programme, helping leaders, teams & organisations to be more aware of their culture and processes around experimentation.








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    Change your mind(set)!

    For creativity, innovation & change you need the right mindset & attitude.


    The idea killer & booster cards and posters are practical tools to help you on this journey.










  • Want more ?

    These key books help to boost your creative potential !

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    Creativity in Business

    the basic guide for ideas

    The book 'Creativity in Business' is the basic guide for idea generation and selection, critical thinking and creative problem solving.
    Buy the book 'Creativity in Business'

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    The Change Mindset

    survival kit for professionals in change

    If you are in search of clues on how you yourself can keep up with the ever-changing world, then this bookazine is a must-read for you.


    Buy the book 'The Change Mindset'

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    Not Invented Here

    cross-industry innovation

    Cross-industry innovation is a low risk, high impact way for innovation, by drawing analogies and transferring approaches between domains.


    Buy the book 'Not Invented Here'










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    Not invented here!

    The Bingo card

    Play this fun 'bingo' in your next innovation meeting. Based on the 'cross-industry innovation' thinking!

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